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Overseas transportation

Морские контейнерные перевозки

Logmar Company specializes in the international maritime intermodal container cargo transportation through the ports of St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Kotka, Helsinki, Hamina, Riga, Tallinn, and Klaipeda. Due to the well-established cooperation with the major shipping lines, we deliver goods to our customers at the advantageous rates.

Range of services on the containerized cargo delivery includes:

  • Optimal transport route development
  • Pre-carriage from the consignor’s warehouse
  • Road, sea and railway transportation
  • Freight forwarding in ports
  • Customs clearance
  • Arrangement of cargo insurance
  • Transit cargo tracking

Priority directions for container shipping:

  • Overseas transportation from China
  • Asia-Pacific countries (Japan, Korea, Thailand)
  • Europe (Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal and others)
  • North and South America (USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, and others)
  • Mediterranean (Turkey, Italy)
  • Overseas transportation from India

Перевозка контейнеров морским транспортом. Морские контейнерные перевозки как оптимальный способ доставки грузов

Advantages of container shipping with Logmar:

  • Availability of long-term relationships with foreign partners
  • Competitive rates for container shipping
  • Prompt settlement of problems that may arise during the process of transportation
  • Providing a full range of services for delivery, including «door-to-door» delivery terms and customs clearance
  • Possibility of container transfer from one mode of transport to another (road, sea, rail)
  • Availability of facilities for the in-port cargo storage including customs warehouses
  • Possibility of cargo delivery within the shortest transit time
  • Reduction in transportation costs

Advantages of Overseas Transportation:

  • No need to transfer cargo when changing transportation facilities
  • The most cost-effective way of delivery
  • Strong leak-proof construction of containers ensures the safety and security of the cargo transported
  • Absence of high load ocean routes and railway rolling stock shortage
  • Possibility of transporting cargo of different origin, weight and size

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